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These are the best glasses for almost any drink-- whether you want to use them for drinking ice cold beers, cocktails, shakes, and more!

If you are looking to upgrade the way you drink your favorite cocktails at home and want to feel like you are always eating or drinking in a 5-star restaurant-- these pint glasses are definitely worth checking out. 

Not only are they hand-made and built to last, but they are also stylish and classy. These glasses feel really good to hold, and you can pop these puppies into your freezer and enjoy drinking your Long Island Iced Teas, milkshakes, juices, soda, or any other beverage in an elegant glass! The design is superb, and with just one look-- you can tell that much thought has been put into it with so much attention to details. 

You can take these glasses out to enjoy your beverages on trips, outings, days at the beach, and more. The thick base makes it retain temperature, and the texture makes it easy to hold without slipping. It is definitely one of the best beer glasses to enjoy your cold ones out of a glass instead of drinking them out of a bottle!

Made for Any Beverage

They might be the best glasses for your beer, but that is kind of an understatement. These hand-blown pint glasses are the best for any beverage-- whether you just want to drink a glass of water, OJ in the morning, liquor, wine, soda, shakes, cocktails, and any other beverage! They are also very stylish, and they would definitely impress your friends when you serve them drinks in one of these elegant glasses.

Makes an Excellent Gift

Anyone would be lucky to receive these glasses as a gift for their birthday or any other occasion. Who wouldn’t love to have new classy and elegant glasses to enjoy their favorite beverages in? Sometimes, the glass makes any beverage tastier than it actually is, and with these glasses, it is kind of true. Since they are designed to retain temperature, ice does not melt too quickly, making your drinks more enjoyable longer without the ice melting and watering down your drink!

Classy and Sturdy

If there is one word to describe these glasses, it would be “classy!” But lucky for you-- there are two words to describe them, and that is both “classy” and “sturdy.” These glasses do not only look pretty-- but they are also more durable than any other regular glass. 

Retains Temperature

As mentioned before, these glasses are designed to retain temperature. So, instead of drinking soda, beer, or water on ice-- you can freeze the glass itself to enjoy the cold beverage without compromising the flavor!

The Best for Any Occasion

No matter what the occasion is, these glasses are excellent for serving drinks at a party. They are made for you to enjoy, but if you get enough glasses for family and friends, then that’s even better!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Allan Pollock
Beautiful, solid, and all are one of a kind

These are heavy, thick, solid glasses with a beautiful "crackle" in the glass that play with light. They're great for a cold one on a hot day. Also perfect size for a water glass.
Shipping was quick. Packing was excellent. Would definitely buy again.

Thank you Allen! By the sounds of your review you get the whole idea and appreciate them! :)

Daniel Orvis
Unique !

Beautiful glassware. Each one is a little different. Very nice.