our Story

Studio Vine Glass is a company founded on the principals of quality and design in Canadian glass. Combining the endless pursuit of mastery of skill with the unique qualities of the material itself, Claire and Woody utilize this captivating material to it's fullest potential. They combine a variety of skills and both contemporize traditional products and create completely new and thought-provoking sculptures.

In just four short years, this husband and wife glassblowing team has developed a healthy clientele of boutiques and wineries/distilleries across Canada, built their studio and gallery from the ground up, and traveled across Ontario and Quebec for various reputable fine art and craft exhibitions.

Claire and Woody are passionate about the importance of buying handmade and are outspoken advocates for the arts. Follow along on their journey - it's been an incredible ride so far and they still have so much to accomplish!


You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame.
— friedrich nietzsche